Hi I'm new. I am a wolf furry. I smoke cigarettes and sometimes cigars. I like new ports the best. I first started a year ago. My friends and I were walking home from school when my friend max pulled out a pack and offered me a smoke. That's about it for me hope I get to meet lots if new friends and see some furry smoking art
Pipe fox

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Hey gang~ I just joined the Group and wanted to give a big HELLO and HUG to everyone! ^^

I'm a pipe and cigar smoking fox. thou mainly lately been smoking my pipe. To me pipe tobacco is more enjoyable and relaxing; it also is good in this economy :P. Also I never stop getting comments on how great my pipe smells and how much of a oddity it is these days. My fav typo of pipe thus far are my clay pipes. Yet sadly you cant find them anymore unless they are reproductions or antiques, so I take extra care of them.

So how many other pipe smoking furies do we have out there? i cant be the only one.

Hello! New to the group ;)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in this community. I might as well tell you a little bit about myself and my smoking. I'm 18 and began smoking regularly since the legal age, though, not to say I haven't tried smoking before 18 though (I had my first cigarette at age 14). I do enjoy smoking very much--I'm sure I would still smoke even if it wasn't addictive. My regular brand is Marlboro Virginia Blend--I've tried a few others before them but these are the smoothest and best I've tried so far. It's going to be kinda weird breaking it to my friends from high school that I smoke, but I hope they'll accept my choice and understand my enjoyment from smoking. I might just let them find out the next time I see them. Has anyone here had the same/similar situation? If so, I'd love to get advice ;)
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So I went out and purchased myself a few new items recently.


Over the last year, I've found that I enjoy rolling my own cigarettes. It is cheaper, slightly less cancerous, and overall more pleastant tasting and opens my doors to a variety of new flavors.

I walked into a shop called "Tinder Box" here in Pittsburgh to see what they had in regards to shag tobacco. So far my favorite shag would be Bali Shag's Golden Shag. Full flavor, beautiful aroma, and relatively cheap. I can get a pouch and 50 papers for about $3.50 in downtown Pittsburgh, where Reds and Camels are going for $5+ a pack. Tinder Box doesn't carry Bali, but the gentleman suggested a Norwegian Shag which smelled just like Bali, and after rolling one and enjoying it, I bought 5 ounces of it. I also got me 5 packs of papers (100ct) and a roller. Total cost was $19 for enough stuff to last me a month and then some. Figuring I smoked a pack a day, I'd spend that amount in 4 days with Reds.

Oh lord, I'm so going to enjoy rolling my own. I just wish I could find my cigarette case, because I don't want to buy another one.

Conversation time.

I'm bored so yea.

Tell us about your nicotine habit.
I'll go first.

I don't smoke cigarettes unless I'm hanging out with smokers for extended periods of time(say a few hours or such) and decide to smoke a cigarette or 3... So I guess I don't have a habit since I don't really have nic fits...
I use to smoke over a pack a day but just kind of stopped buying them one day and stopped smoking unless I was with other smokers.. now I rarely even smoke when I'm with other smokers unless I'm drinking or something.
I'll smoke Hookah with friends as well.
I smoke pot more often I suppose...
Does that make me a non-smoker by smoker law?
Lol, smoker law.

So yea.. what about the rest of you guys?
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Happy Bat

Hullo Fellow smoking furs!

Just wanted to extend a Hello and express my happiness to be on this, a list full of fellow smokers!

Lets see, I mostly smoke the new Camel Frosts, but when I'm short on money I go for Smoker Friendly house brand because they aren't so expensive at all, and they don't taste to bad.

Also, what's up with this smoking ban? 'Free country' my ass.

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Free Cigarettes

Ran across this offer. Go to pallmallusa.com/offer and sign up for 4 free packs of cigarettes. Pall Malls aren't the best but 4 free packs is worth a shot. Offer ends at the end of the month.

My current favorite is Camel Infused and you can get 2 for 1 offers in the stores occasionally too.